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Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Hi Everyone,

Since we’ll miss the trip to Terry’s Berries, I thought I’d answer the farm question (see below).  If anyone is looking for a good summary of local farms which have community supported agriculture (CSA) shares, check out Seattle Tilth’s link:   then click on “CSA directory”

We’ve participated with

Left Foot Organics (providing disabled folks with jobs/training/rehab)
lots of leafy greens and sturdy vegetables, and an extra dose of virtue
delivers to the Proctor Farms Market Saturday AMs
Boistfort Valley Farms (down by Centralia) –
delivers to a drop site in the Stadium district on Thursdays

nice variety of produce/flowers, our favorite was delicious English peas

Looking forward to actually being able to attend one of these days!


October News

Monday, October 8th, 2007

Falling Leaves, Rainy Days, Apples and Pumpkins…

Fall is here!

It seems that just as we put away our sunscreen and flip flops we are thrown into the flurry of fall activities.  In the midst of all of these events, we must find a way to balance it all with out losing sight of those things most important to us.  Fall provides us with the perfect opportunity to combine celebration with family, community and our natural surroundings.   This is a time create new family traditions that celebrate the values we hope to pass down to our children.  Explore the changing world outside and share the comfort of a cozy family evening spent telling storys and drinking cider by the fire.  These are the childhood memories that will last a life time.  

October is a wonderful time to visit one of our many local farms and enjoy the fall harvest.   Visit for a listing of local farms and their fall harvest schedule.  Our Tacoma Green Families event for the month will be a trip to Tacoma’s own Terry’s Berries to pick apples, make (or buy) cider and explore the farm on Saturday, October 27.  I hope to see many of you there.

At our Last Meeting

In September we shared recipes and discusses reducing household waste by recycling and composting.  After visiting the City Of Tacoma’s website, I learned that my family was not making full use of Tacoma’s recycling program.  Here are some pleasant surprisesn that we found:

Recycling Yes:

    Plastic grocery bags can be combined into one bag and tied to be recylced.
    paper back books
    aluminum foil and trays (clean)
    small amounts of veg. and fruit scraps (placed in yard waste bin)

    For a full listing visit the City of Tacoma’s webpage.

    Our focus for the Month:

    Local Farms.  Share your tips and resources on how to celbrate the fall harvest by supporting your local growers.

    •  Which farms have you supported?  
      What are your favorites and why?
      Where is your favorite Pumkin Patch?

      Who has your favorite Cider?


Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

At the recipe exchange last Wednesday, a few moms were interested in the compost barrel I use so I wanted to share some more info. about it.  According to my husband, Dan, the barrel we have is rodent proof, but has some other drawbacks.  Because of the shape it is difficult to turn the compost, which means it takes longer for the materials to breakdown.  It is also difficult to move the barrel, which makes getting the compost to the right garden bed a bit of a challenge.  If you are still interested in this type of compost barrel, you can find more info at  Dan also said that the Enviro house has several different compost systems on display and that he would recommend checking out those options to help you decide what is best for you.

Hope this is helpful.