March’s Frugal Feeding Challenge

Last month, in an attempt to get a better handle on our monthly budget, I began collecting and tallying all of our family’s grocery receipts.  I have never thought much about what I spend on food.  We very rarely eat out and don’t do take out,  I don’t buy prepackaged meals, and try to limit processed and convenience foods.  So, in looking at our monthly budget, $650 seemed like a more then generous allocation for food for one month.  By mid-February, I was nearing the $600 mark.  All of this while I was actually monitoring and tightening my spending.  I was stunned to think of how easy it would be spend over $1,000 on groceries every month.  I am sure that I have many times before.

Providing wholesome, quality food for my family is a priority for me.  However, I am certain that there has to be a way to do so without spending quite so much.  So, I have decided to see if I can feed my family of 2 adults, 3 children and 2 dogs for less then $500 a month.  If you have had similar thoughts or experiences, and would like to set a goal for your family, or simply start taking a closer look at your habits, please share them.

2 Responses to “March’s Frugal Feeding Challenge”

  1. Allison says:

    Melissa, I think what you are doing is great and at first I was just looking forward to learning from your experiences. Now, I’m feeling a little more inspired so I am going to spend the month of March keeping track of grocery bills to figure out how much my family actually spends on food because right now I have no idea. Then I am going to see if I can cut it down by $100 for the month of April. I hope to continue cutting back each month.

  2. melissa says:

    I am so glad to have you along for the ride!

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