Food Challenge Week #2

I just finished logging my receipts and happily report that I am at $234.55 after the first two weeks. Unfortunately, my quest to limit my kitchen time has not gone so well.  While I have made some good, and very affordable meals.  Some days  I have paid for our food with my time.  Here is what we have been eating this week:

Sunday was a “kitchen” day.  In attempt to break my older two children of there “Annie Macaroni” preference, I tried, yet again to get them to eat the homemade version.  Using one bag of the six I purchased last week at Costco ($1.33) and $2.00 worth of pre-shredded cheese from Trader Joe’s I was able to make to meals worth for about $3.75.  With it I served organic California broccoli ($2.27) from last weeks SPUD delivery with homemade balsamic dressing. I spent roughly $4.40 for this dinner.  While the kids still prefer Annie, they did eat it and 2/3 of the children ate the other pan for lunch during the week. Not my personal favorite, but it was easy, affordable, fairly healthy and no one screamed when it was served.

I made up for my lack of kitchen time on Monday when I decided to make tamales.  These were fairly labor intensive (especially because I haven’t made them successfully before), but inexpensive.  Masa flour can be picked up inexpensively at most supermarkets.  Using Masa, olive oil, a washington onion ($.83) Earthbound Organic baby spinach from Costco, and the reminder of my shredded cheese from T.J.’s I made 25 tamales for under $5 or $.20 each.  I served our Tamales with Earthbound Organic salad greens (also from last weeks Costco purchase)  and black beans.  This meal cost under $5.00 and I put the many tamales that were left over in the freezer for a future meal.

On Tuesday, I made pieogi’s, another cheap but more labor intensive meal.  Using flour, organic potatoes from Trader Joes, more california onions, and organic tofu from T.J.’s( only $2.38 for 14oz.), I made two meals worth for under $5 as well.  Thanks to a tip from Allison I picked up $13lbs of organic apples from Fred Meyer for $13.  I used this to make stewed apples for the side paired with sauteed cabbage ($.50).


Tofu and Potato Pierogi with Savoy Cabbage and Stewed Apples

Tofu and Potato Pierogi with Savoy Cabbage and Stewed Apples


While making a good, healthy meal completely from scratch can be time consuming, it has been great to be able to put meals in the freezer for busy days.  Having those to fall back on at the end of a busy day will certainly save me time and money in the future.

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    I would love to see a recipe/instructions for making the tamales!

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