TAGRO: Great for your garden, the earth, and Tacoma.

Maybe you have used it.  

Maybe you have wondered if you should.  

Maybe the idea of using it makes you squeamish.

Maybe you have seen the name but have and wondered what it is.  

Maybe this is the first time that you are hearing of it.


TAGRO, short for Tacoma Grow, is a garden aid produced by the City of Tacoma.  TAGRO MIx is designed to enhance the soil in lawns, flower beds, trees and shrubs. TAGRO mix can be used the same as you would use steer manure. TARGO Potting soil is for the use of both indoor and outdoor flower and vegetable gardens.  TAGRO is a blend of “Tacoma Class A Biosolids” (sewer and drain waste), “screened sawdust”, and “other garden elements”.  The result is a very inexpensive (free when you shovel your own mix) source of nutrients for your plants.  TAGRO provides phosphorus, nitogen, magniseum, potassium, sulfur and more.  Studies at WSU and UW have shown that things planted in TAGRO grow “taller, faster, greener and produce more blooms then those in commercial or chemical products”.

In addition to helping the land in your yard, using TAGRO also helps the environment.  The city of Tacoma describes how:

  • TAGRO’s nutrients are released slowly. Plants use more of the nutrients and fewer are leached or run off into the environment.
  • Soil conditioned with TAGRO retains water better. The more water the soil retains, the less you have to pull out the hose or sprinkler. And that leaves more natural water flow in our rivers.
  • Plants and trees grow bigger and better in TAGRO. More vegetation means more shade and less soil erosion near creeks and rivers, making for healthy and clear water—for fish and people to enjoy. 

The City of Tacoma recycles 4,000 dry tons of biosolids each year.  

TAGRO and Tacoma:

TAGRO and Tacoma has been recognized Nationally as having the best biosolids program in the country.  Our support not only helps our gardens and the environment, it helps our city to maintain it’s status as a leader in inovative, environmental programs.  

Do you still have doubts about using biosolids?  

To learn more about TAGRO visit:  www.cityoftacoma.org/Page.aspx?hid=689, and join us for our tour of the TAGRO facilities on Saturday, July 11 2009.

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